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Lina's Beauty Salon

6628 SW Fwy Hillcroft, TX 77074

20+ yrs. Experience in the art of beauty        (Wed-Sun 11am-6:30pm)  TEL: (713)-952-7337

When it comes to your face and your body, do not compromise on unqualified employees. Do not 

place your trust into unlicensed hands. Feel the difference of an experienced and qualified beautician. 

At Lina's Beauty Salon we believe in providing customer satisfaction through personal service and 

quality products. Come with your friends and family and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while Lina 

makes you more and more beautiful.

The Art of Threading

Lina's beauty salon offers unsurpassed perfection in the art of threading. Our reputation for having the best threading in Houston has kept it's name.

The Beauty of Bridal Makeup

Enhance your beauty by choosing Lina's Beauty Salon for your bridal makeup or occassion's needs. We help the most important day in your life have an everlasting impression by making you look the most beautiful.

The Variety of Waxing

With the highest variety of waxing options, Lina's Beauty Salon offers the most gentle and high quality waxing products to help enhance your beauty.

The Relaxation of Facials

Containing both the most relaxed procedure with the highest quality creams and equipment, Lina's Beauty Salon offers the most soothing and skin effective facials to help your skin come back to life.

Lasting Hair Impression

Our hair allows us to enhance our beauty and look on a daily basis and Lina's Beauty Salon offers quality hair products and services to highlight, color, style, and cut your hair to maximum perfection.

Full Services List
•   Facial Threading
•    Facial/Body Waxing
•    Facial Treatments/Facials
•   Hair Cuts
•    Hair Styling/Hair Coloring
•    Hair Highlights
•    Mehndi/Henna Tattoos
•    And Several Other Quality Services, Call For Desired Service

Skin Care Services and Treatments:

-Deep Facial Cleansing

-Anti-Acne Treatment

-Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial

-Back and Shoulder Cleansing


Hair Removal and Threading Services:



-Sides of Face



-Basic Bikini

-Brazillian Bikini

-Lower Legs

-Whole Legs